Sunday, May 27, 2012

Exciting Things!!!

I've been super busy lately!! Part of that business has included launching quite a few new products in my store!!
If you have been following Beat's Boutique on Facebook here you have seen some of those exciting new products.
Some of my new products include:
Upcycled children's clothing, including baby gowns :)

Soap! All natural yummy smelly soaps :) My favorites being Clean Breeze and Hazelnut Coffee!

Body Butter! Again, all natural yummy and moisturizing.

Baby Butt Butter! Cloth Diaper Safe all natural and wonderful for rashes.

Natural Lip Balm

Beat's Baby Bum Bits ~ use these to make cloth wipe solution, guest soap, kid soap or just when you need a little bit of soap.

And my favorite new thing that has kept me busy lately?

The All New
Beat's Boutique Winged/Tabbed Prefold Cloth Diaper PDF Sewing Pattern!

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