Friday, August 5, 2011

Something Awesome is Coming to the Cloth Diapering World!!

If you are sewing your own diapers, or would like to learn how, it is going to become so much easier come September!
If you are already sewing your own diapers you know exactly how hard it is to locate the materials. You can't walk into your local JoAnn's and grab everything you need. You have to order most of the supplies and fabrics online. And there aren't really places where you can get everything you need to make diapers on one website. You have to order snaps from one website, PUL (waterproof fabric) from another, inner soaker material from yet another...etc... It gets exhausting and frustrating. And on top of that if you want the nice printed PUL to make fancy diapers you have to join fabric coops and wait months to get it.

But all that is about to change!!

Babyville Boutique will be hitting national fabric chains around the USA!!! Babyville Boutique is a product line that will offer all the coordinating supplies you need to make diapers for your babies!

And if you are thinking about sewing diapers - there will be book that will tell you how you can make gorgeous cloth diapers for your little one!

You can join their facebook page here. And you can sign up to get an email when the website is ready here. And follow them on Twitter here.

I know I can't wait until this hits the stores!

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